Saturday, October 31, 2009

Week 1: the beginning

You know how many movies today are going backwards to make a "prequel" to ring every last drop of money they can out of a prior successful film? Well, we're just going to start at the beginning.

Heather and I decided that we will blog every week (we will take turns). This may come in the form of a rant; a video or pictures; a story; or all of the following. We were motivated to do this by a story we heard in our "under the chuppah" class at Mars (for newly weds). An older couple were sharing their story and part of it had to do with the broken, or at least unsteady relationship, between her (the wife) and her mother-in-law. So she (the wife) decided to write a "monday letter". Every monday, she would send an email every monday of the week. This was their ONLY communication. In six months, she never once heard anything back from the mother-in-law. But she missed one monday after that 6 months, and on Tuesday, the mother-in-law wanted to know where the "monday letter" was. It turned out she looked forward to that monday letter every week.

I think the point we got out of that story was that we want to be connected to you. So that's what we're going to do.

And this is the beginning...

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  1. awesome! another blog i can comment on and keep connected with you two if we don't get the chance to talk on the phone. can't wait to hear the details of the move!